SAD DADS – Webseries Pilot

The pilot episode of webseries SAD DADS is now in post.

Brothers and first time dads David and John decide to start a self help group for new fathers. The only problem is they can barely help themselves.

COMPULSION – Now Available Online

Compulsion, the age old tale of a broken man and the toilet that spurned him, is now availble online. ENJOY.

Best Comedy, Best Acting Debut (Oniros Film Awards)
Outstanding Achievement, Producer/Director Ryan Davey (Berlin Flash Film Festival)
3rd Best of the Best (Feel the Reel International Film Festival)
Best Editor, Ryan Davey (ASIN Awards)

Oniros Film Awards
Feel the Reel International Film Festival
Berlin Flash Film Festival
Sydney Indie Film Festival
Australian Screen Industry Network Awards
AltFF Alternative Film Festival
Silicon Beach Film Festival
Melbourne Underground Film Festival
Sydney Lift Off Film Festival
Nundah Film Festival


My sketch ‘Helpful Desk’ made a welcome appearance on the first episode of 2019 of the Sketch, Please! podcast. The show is produced by Podcast Pioneers and deliberately works with up and coming UK comedy talent.

My sketch ‘Mugger Rugger’ will also appear in the March episode. Which is nice.

SOUTHSTOW – Stage 32 TV Writing Contest Quarter-finalist

My spooky TV comedy script Southstow was recently selected as a Quarter-finalist at the Stage 32 TV Writing Contest.

It’s a pretty good competition and Southstow is very British, so I’m pretty happy with that.

Southstow is currently having a pretty major overhaul, so there may well be (hopefully) even better news to come in the weeks ahead.

A gleefully dark comedic riff on the classic haunted house story.
Awkward, wimpish and cynical orphan, Brian (33), is stuck in a rut. He’s debt-ridden, poorly paid and engaged to the selfish Olivia. Salvation arrives in a devil’s bargain from his estranged – and freshly-dead – rich spinster Great Aunt. Brian will inherit her fortune and huge estate. But only if he’s electronically-tagged and stays trapped for one whole year in Southstow: the isolated, one-foot-firmly-in-the-past East Anglian coastal village that Brian’s parents abruptly left 25-years ago… Also: Southstow is haunted.

BAY’S END – Scriptapalooza Quarter-finalist

An earlier draft of comedy script Bay’s End was selected a few weeks back as a Quarter-finalist in the Scriptapalooza script competition.

The script has since had a healthy refit, so hopefully bigger and better things await!

A full list of winners etc is here.

A ridiculously green locations assistant on his first film shoot must do battle with a fearsome and all-powerful Mayor, who is determined to defend his sleepy Cornish seaside town at all costs – even by sabotaging the production from within. Battle commences!

PERFECT RECORD – Table Read Hollywood Semi-finalist

My feature comedy script Perfect Record was very recently selected as a Semi-Finalist in the Table Read My Screenplay Contest – Hollywood!

It’s an ISA top rated screenplay competition, so it’s none too shabby a result.

A full list of winners and semi-finalists is here.

Perfect Record
A precocious geek discovers that his new school’s unimpeachable, proud reputation is a complete lie, and transforms himself into a rebel hero, determined to win his and his classmates’ freedom by destroying the terrifying, all-powerful, dastardly Deputy Head.








A few weeks ago I was very happy to join the writers’ room of the BBC’s New Comedy Show.

Based in Norwich, the sketch and stand-up comedy radio show goes out monthly on BBC Norfolk, BBC Suffolk and iPlayer.

You can listen to the latest shows here.











I’m delighted to report that earlier this year my short film Perception is All won one of two Screen Suffolk Awards at the new writing INK Festival 2018.

More about the INK Festival.

And more about the film programme.

Perception is All
An intense loner watches over the city, believing the world will end unless he stays conscious and constantly perceiving his surroundings. He stays awake the only way he knows.

COMPULSION – Festival Highlights

Short film Compulsion, the tragic story of a broken man and the toilet that spurned him, continues to do well at film festivals.

Recent screenings include:

Silicon Beach Film Festival
Sydney Lift-Off Film Festival
Berlin Flash Film Festival
Nundah Film Festival
Alternative Film Festival

The festival director of the Silicon Beach Film Festival called director Ryan Davey to tell him the film had been selected… and asked: “Why on earth did you make this? I love it!”


BAY’S END – Semi-finalist for NEXTV’s Writing & Pitch Competition

An earlier draft of our comedy feature script ‘Bay’s End’ recently made it to the semi-finals of the NEXTV’s Writing & Pitch Competition.

Since then co-writer Andrew Ryland and I have been beavering away on much more developed drafts, and we’re hoping to go a step or two further in writing competitions that are announcing during the first half of 2018.

A ridiculously green locations assistant on his first film shoot must do battle with a fearsome and all-powerful Mayor, who is determined to defend his sleepy Cornish seaside town at all costs – even by sabotaging the production from within. Battle commences!



COMPULSION – Short Film Trailer

Formerly know as ‘JX2000’, short film Compulsion has now been filmed by talented up-and-coming Australian director Ryan Davey in sunny Brisbane.

It’s been submitted to film festivals worldwide, so more news will follow.

But for now here’s the trailer…

Compulsion Short Film – Trailer

The offical trailer for the short film 'Compulsion', a tragic story of a broken man and the toilet that spurned him!

Posted by Compulsion – Short Film on Thursday, September 28, 2017


PERCEPTION IS ALL – Short film in final stages of post

Perception is All

After scripting and co-producing a number of shorts, my directorial debut short film PERCEPTION IS ALL is now on the home straight, with just the final sound mix tweaks and some grading action to go.

It will be winging it’s way to film festivals from the end of Feb. Which is nice.

More news to follow as and when it breaks.

SHERLOCK BROLMES – The Sherlock Holmes Podcast


After not quite breaking the internet with our previous, but weirdly much-loved, podcast BRUVJOY (on Ian McShane Sunday TV classic Lovejoy), we’ve moved on to pastures new and created a brand spanking new podcast…

A Sherlock Holmes podcast. By two brothers. Hence: Sherlock Brolmes.
(See what we did there?)

We’ll mainly be focusing on the epoch-defining Jeremy Brett TV version. But, y’know, we’ll also be looking at young TV upstart Sherlock as well. Because it has its own type of greatness too.
(And because, let’s be honest, the merest mention of Cumberbatch builds a shitload of traffic.)

Our latest episode went out just before Christmas. And handily enough the story covered is actually set at Christmas. SO JOIN US as we skip along the snowy Victorian streets of THE BLUE CARBUNCLE…FULL of such festive treats as: ruddy faces, pubs, drinking, eating, parlour games, geese-based crime AND goodwill to all men.

LINK: Sherlock Brolmes Episode 3

AND TUNE IN NEXT TIME: for Episode Four… Which will be another SPECIAL: this time on the brand new and much awaited Sherlock feature length episode.


DOUBLE WORD SCORE – Quick update

DWS Poster

I helped screenwriter Becky Matthews with her directorial debut last year, as script editor and script supervisor. And for such a low budget short, it’s nice to see it do so well out there in the big wide world…

A whimsical story for word lovers and would-be lovers everywhere inspired by the one and only Scrabble. Combining the wistful nature of High Fidelity and playful charm of Amelie; DOUBLE WORD SCORE is a date film about two people who aren’t quite sure if they’re on one. And the ludicrous games we play in the pursuit of love.

DOUBLE WORD SCORE has screened at festivals both at home in the UK and the US, where it was well received at Brooklyn Girl Film Festival in NYC last year. It was also a runner-up in the Shooting People Film of the Month competition in April, guest judged by the actor David Oyelowo.

“This is such a sweet story about an incredibly awkward date. Played out by two incredibly likeable lead actors, a film like this lives or dies by its casting, and they are wonderful. They create genuine chemistry, especially in the quieter moments when words aren’t spoken (in a film all about words) they aren’t able to use them to communicate with each other.”

BRUVJOY – The Lovejoy Podcast – Re-booted


HAPPY NEW YEAR! And WELCOME to another slice of the Brother Nash’s adventures into the world of antiques lothario and 80s/90s Sunday evening TV great “LOVEJOY”.

Each episode offers an utterly compelling/useless commentary to an episode of the much-loved, antiques-related adventures of perma-tanned divvy Lovejoy, drunken lush Tinker Dell, loveable oaf/idiot Eric Catchpole and the lovely, lovely Lady Jane.

We’ve re-booted the podcast so there’s MUCH less boring plot talk and MUCH more music, chanting and nonsense chat. SO join us as we dive into the dirty bin of Episode 13… With Warren Clarke (R.I.P.), trash galore, Ian McShane’s Collar Popping Masterclass, Will Axon of the BBC’s ‘Flog It’ joining in the collar popping, and Dan’s musical genius laid bare.



TUNE IN NEXT TIME: For Inca curses, Lovejoy romancing and tales from our own Lovejoy adventures in East Anglia.

CHURCHILL: The Lost Interviews

In 1957, two years after his retirement, Winston Churchill gave a series of sensational interviews intended for a series of groundbreaking of film documentaries… Only for, in a cruel irony, the footage to be destroyed during the controlled explosion of an unexploded WWII bomb.

The project was abandoned, the crucial footage having been lost forever. Or so it was thought…

In 2010, film reels containing the footage turned up in an unmarked box in a car boot sale in Nottingham. THESE are those tapes.

Made by the fine people at Kaylosia, with some help from myself, this web series will be released throughout 2015 and 2016.

STAND & DELIVER – Screening at Twin Peaks UK Festival

Our short film STAND & DELIVER continues to screen!

S&D has been selected to screen at Twin Peaks UK Festival 2014 on November 15th at the Mile End Genesis Cinema… In the presence of, among others, Sheryl Lee – Laura Palmer herself!

Twin Peaks UK Festival Facebook page

Twin Peaks UK Festival News

STAND & DELIVER has already screened at festivals in the UK and worldwide. In 2010 it was nominated for both Best UK Short at the East End Film Festival and the Anthony Minghella Award for Best UK Short at Glimmer film festival.