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DOUBLE WORD SCORE – Quick update

DWS Poster

I helped screenwriter Becky Matthews with her directorial debut last year, as script editor and script supervisor. And for such a low budget short, it’s nice to see it do so well out there in the big wide world…

A whimsical story for word lovers and would-be lovers everywhere inspired by the one and only Scrabble. Combining the wistful nature of High Fidelity and playful charm of Amelie; DOUBLE WORD SCORE is a date film about two people who aren’t quite sure if they’re on one. And the ludicrous games we play in the pursuit of love.

DOUBLE WORD SCORE has screened at festivals both at home in the UK and the US, where it was well received at Brooklyn Girl Film Festival in NYC last year. It was also a runner-up in the Shooting People Film of the Month competition in April, guest judged by the actor David Oyelowo.

“This is such a sweet story about an incredibly awkward date. Played out by two incredibly likeable lead actors, a film like this lives or dies by its casting, and they are wonderful. They create genuine chemistry, especially in the quieter moments when words aren’t spoken (in a film all about words) they aren’t able to use them to communicate with each other.”

CHURCHILL: The Lost Interviews

In 1957, two years after his retirement, Winston Churchill gave a series of sensational interviews intended for a series of groundbreaking of film documentaries… Only for, in a cruel irony, the footage to be destroyed during the controlled explosion of an unexploded WWII bomb.

The project was abandoned, the crucial footage having been lost forever. Or so it was thought…

In 2010, film reels containing the footage turned up in an unmarked box in a car boot sale in Nottingham. THESE are those tapes.

Made by the fine people at Kaylosia, with some help from myself, this web series will be released throughout 2015 and 2016.