I’m a scriptwriter based in London, but hailing originally from the badlands of East Anglia.

I’ve written and produced/co-produced a number of comedy short films. Which is nice.

A Hitch in the Plan was shown on ITV4 and has been screened at many festivals, including: London Short Film Festival, East End Film Festival. The Last Place You Look won Best Film at Morbegno Film Festival, plus second place prize at ‘Going Underground’ Interfilm Festival and was also showcased across Europe by Sony on the PSP console.

I’ve collaborated with director Gus Alvarez on four short films to date, including: Salsa Guy, Captive and Stand & DeliverThe black-comedy-dance-film Salsa Guy script was executive produced by the BAFTA-winning writer David Quantick and screened successfully at several festivals. Satirical hostage drama short Captive starring David Cann won the Audience Award at Portobello Film Festival, and has screened internationally at the Independent European Film Festival, Marbella International Festival and Canterbury (NZ) Film Festival, plus on Polish national broadcaster TVP Kultura. The lyrical short drama Stand & Deliver has screened in the UK and worldwide. In 2010 it was nominated for both Best UK Short at the East End Film Festival and the Anthony Minghella Award for Best UK Short at Glimmer film festival.

My sketch work has appeared on Series 4 of Radio 4’s Recorded for Training Purposes. And I have also written sketches and script edited for sketch collective Kaylosia. Kaylosia’s sketch ‘Posh Off’ won the audience award at the Cofilmic comedy film festival.

My brother and I used to podcast about, of all things, 80s/90s Sunday TV great Lovejoy. Imaginatively we called it: BRUVJOY.

My treatment for comedy feature Perfect Record was shortlisted for the Euroscript Scriptwriting Competition last year.

AND I am currently developing a number of film and television projects.

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