SHERLOCK BROLMES – The Sherlock Holmes Podcast


After not quite breaking the internet with our previous, but weirdly much-loved, podcast BRUVJOY (on Ian McShane Sunday TV classic Lovejoy), we’ve moved on to pastures new and created a brand spanking new podcast…

A Sherlock Holmes podcast. By two brothers. Hence: Sherlock Brolmes.
(See what we did there?)

We’ll mainly be focusing on the epoch-defining Jeremy Brett TV version. But, y’know, we’ll also be looking at young TV upstart Sherlock as well. Because it has its own type of greatness too.
(And because, let’s be honest, the merest mention of Cumberbatch builds a shitload of traffic.)

Our latest episode went out just before Christmas. And handily enough the story covered is actually set at Christmas. SO JOIN US as we skip along the snowy Victorian streets of THE BLUE CARBUNCLE…FULL of such festive treats as: ruddy faces, pubs, drinking, eating, parlour games, geese-based crime AND goodwill to all men.

LINK: Sherlock Brolmes Episode 3

AND TUNE IN NEXT TIME: for Episode Four… Which will be another SPECIAL: this time on the brand new and much awaited Sherlock feature length episode.


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