SOUTHSTOW – Stage 32 TV Writing Contest Quarter-finalist

My spooky TV comedy script Southstow was recently selected as a Quarter-finalist at the Stage 32 TV Writing Contest.

It’s a pretty good competition and Southstow is very British, so I’m pretty happy with that.

Southstow is currently having a pretty major overhaul, so there may well be (hopefully) even better news to come in the weeks ahead.

A gleefully dark comedic riff on the classic haunted house story.
Awkward, wimpish and cynical orphan, Brian (33), is stuck in a rut. He’s debt-ridden, poorly paid and engaged to the selfish Olivia. Salvation arrives in a devil’s bargain from his estranged – and freshly-dead – rich spinster Great Aunt. Brian will inherit her fortune and huge estate. But only if he’s electronically-tagged and stays trapped for one whole year in Southstow: the isolated, one-foot-firmly-in-the-past East Anglian coastal village that Brian’s parents abruptly left 25-years ago… Also: Southstow is haunted.

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